I met Gabrielle at a women’s lunch meeting. I was instantly attracted to her creative energy. Next thing she invited me to an event at her house. I hadn’t been out in a while and it seemed like a fun Sunday afternoon with wine, chili, and a gathering of women, to do a collage painting. I was not familiar with this craft but I was up for a little adventure.

To my surprise I was totally blown away by the art of collage painting. It resonated with my soul. Gabrielle was a great instructor and so very talented. I definitely would come again. I would highly recommend this afternoon for anyone who wants to release your inner child and watch your soul come alive in canvas.

Thanks again, Gabrielle

Kim Louise Easterbrook


I purchased your "Wishful Thinking' picture - my sister found it and knew I'd love it. I did, and purchased it. It's perfect.

Verena Jones